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On the occasion of the Compostela years 2021 and 2022 the Valpromaro town committee promotes a



from Pietrasanta to Pistoia

The feast of St. James occurs on 25 July each year. When this day coincides with Sunday, the year is declared “Compostellan Holy Year”.

This event occurs in this year. On 31 December 2020, in the cathedral of Santiago, the Holy Door was opened, located behind the apse, towards Praza da Quintana, and will remain open until 31 December. In consideration of the travel difficulties connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis has granted an extension of the Holy Year until 31 December 2022. Also in Pistoia, a city that preserves a relic of St. James in its cathedral, and for this reason called ” Santiago minor ”, was granted the privilege of celebrating their own Jubilee Year. On January 9, the Holy Door of the Cathedral was opened.

We will continue to go to Santiago. But in the meantime we want to promote a short walk in Pistoia. We propose to start the journey in Versilia, in Pietrasanta or Camaiore, hosting you the first night in Valpromaro, in our hostel. It is a journey of a few days, which can be divided into 4 stages, for those who are able to travel many kilometers a day, but also in 5 or 6 stages for those who want easier itineraries and perhaps dedicate themselves to visiting the many beautiful places that meet along the way.

We therefore invite you to visit this site where you will find detailed information on the proposed stages. You will also find news about our community and the Pilgrims Reception House that we have managed for many years. We will talk about the beautiful city of Pistoia and the reasons why it is so strongly linked to the cult of San Giacomo (or “Jacopo”, as it is commonly said in Tuscany). You will find information on villages, localities, historical and artistic emergencies, landscapes, places of high naturalistic quality. We will also talk about the people who gave prestige to these lands, traditions, agricultural products, good things to eat and drink.

Write to us to give us suggestions, to correct errors on what we have written.

Good journey to all! We are waiting for you in our hostel.

The village committee of Valpromaro

Dear friends, the translation of these pages was done,  like the whole website, by volunteers, . The work is under review. Any and all suggestions and corrections are welcome. Thanks for the collaboration!

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