following the route – GPS tracks

following the route – GPS tracks


The path is completely marked, from Pietrasanta to Pistoia: however it is not in a homogeneous way. The stretch from Lucca to Pistoia, in particular, is of recent creation and the affixing of signs on some sections is still in progress. If any pilgrims find critical points where the report is absent or ambiguous, please let us know by writing to

We therefore recommend, as a priority, to walk following the GPS tracks ensure, always, that you are on the right track. You can download them by clicking on the links at the end of the page: we provide them in a single track or divided by stage. Each track shows the main route, the recommended variants for a more beautiful route (stages 1 or 2), the alternative routes for temporary interruptions of the route (stage 4), the alternative routes for those who are cycling. It also reports a considerable number of points indicating: directions, localities, important places, bars, banks, post offices, etc.

GPS Tracks can be uploaded to satellite receivers. Those who do not have one can use their own phone (Apple or Android).

There are many free downloadable apps that allow their use. We recommend OsmAnd. After installing it, the app asks us to install the map of the region we are in: it does so in order to function correctly by displaying the map of the place where we are even when our phone is in areas where there is no connection. Once this is done, we have to load the map of Tuscany: then click on the icon at the bottom left and, in the menu that opens, choose “Download Maps”; we choose Europe> Italy> Tuscany and download that too. At this point we need to load the GPS track. Click on the dot at the top left and choose tracks> add more and then go to the path where the GPS track we downloaded is stored. Let’s download the GPS track… and that’s it. Now click on the dot at the bottom left: it will position you on the point on the map where you are: you will see the track of the route projected on the map.
Using the app is very simple and intuitive. For those who have never used it, get ready before leaving and seek the help of a friend who is an expert in these things.

Cammino Jacopeo a Pistoia – walking tracks

Cammino Jacopeo a Pistoia – bike tracks