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in Pescia assistance for pilgrimsai at La Magione

Once in Pescia, pilgrims can find assistance at LA MAGIONE, an activity managed by the Officina delle Arti.
It was also designed to welcome pilgrims who pass along the new Jacopeo Way from Pietrasanta to Pistoia and on the Way of San Jacopo. A new opportunity to enhance the historic center as well, thus combining faith, tradition and good living.
The welcome and information point for pilgrims is in via Santa Maria, 2 in the heart of the historic center of Pescia and will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm. he is following the Pesciatina leg of the journey, he can call 349 6291542 at any time and receive an answer to any need or have the opportunity to visit the artistic beauties of the city.

Landslide shortly after the village of Uzzano

We report a landslide along the Pescia / Serravalle Pistoiese leg. It is located shortly after Uzzano, towards Collodi / Pescia. The landslide dates back to a few months ago and caused the collapse of a part of the roadway. A pedestrian crossing lane should be made accessible by June. The following map shows the alternative route:






Landslide shortly after the village of Stignano

Nel mese di aprile è avvenuta una frana che ha interrotto il passaggio in un tratto dopo il borgo di Stignano. Non sono ancora iniziati i lavori di rispristino. Sono stati posti dei cartelli che indicano un percorso alterativo, indicato nella mappa che segue.

Temporary interruption of the passage from Villa Ankuri

Due to problems related to the protection measures against the COVID 19 pandemic, the local health authority of Tuscany has ordered a temporary ban on access to the park of Villa Ankuri, in the municipality of Massa and Cozzile. The following map shows the alternative route.